Engaging Collaboration Workshops

Final submissions

Submit your ONE PAGE ABSTRACT and DETAILED PDW OVERVIEW here. (You can access your submission with the passcode you received in your acceptance notification.)

The deadline for submitting 1) one page abstract and full 2) Detailed ECW Overview is on 1 July, 2020.

Please follow these guidelines and instructions:

1) One page abstract of the ECW:

  • Paper Title: No more than 10 words – centred, 12pt Times New Roman, bold and in title case i.e. capitals for first letter of main words
  • Lead Author: Name, position, organisation – centred 12pt Times New Roman
  • Contact Details: Full address, phone number, email & website – centred 12pt Times New Roman
  • Co-Authors: Name, position and organisation only – centred 12pt Times New Roman
  • Format: maximum 500 words (to fit on single page), justified 12pt Times New Roman.

ECW Abstracts should include the following information:

  • importance of the topic for entrepreneurship education research and/or practice
  • questions, challenges and problems to be asked and addressed
  • how you intend to engage the participants and how you intend to continue the collaboration beyond the conference

Format the ECW Abstract by using the following headings:

  • Workshop Title
  • Project Summary and Goal (200 words)
  • Workshop Style (50 words words)
  • Expected Outcomes (50 words)
  • Details of any related research (100 words)
  • Planned collaboration beyond the conference (100 words)

Please submit your one page abstract to be used for the book of abstracts – deadline on 1 July, 2020.

2) Full Detailed ECW (Engaging Collaboration Workshop) Overview

  • Main Text: Maximum 1,200 words, excluding tables, figures and references – single spaced, fully justified, 12pt Time New Roman. All to fit on 3 pages maximum.
  • Pages: Title, author information and abstract page, full text in the following structure along with tables, figures, references etc.
  • Subtitle: Left aligned in Times New Roman bold
  • Page Numbering: Right aligned in footer, in 12pt Times New Roman font
  • Citation and Referencing: Harvard Styled (Jones, 2003), in 12pt Times New Roman font, References should be listed in full at the end of the paper in alphabetical order.

Overview and Key Questions:

  • Workshop Summary, key questions and expected results of the collaboration (300 words maximum)
  • Details of any underpinning theories, models or pedagogies informing the collaboration (100 words maximum)
  • Details of work that has been conducted in the project so far (200 words maximum)

Activities and Outcomes:

  • Session breakdown – timings and activities (200 words maximum). Please note that the format for the ECW parallel session is 10 min for the presenter followed by a 20 min interactive session for the audience and 10 min for the presenter to summarize the results, agree with the participants on the timeline and plans for the continued collaboration as well as collect contact information – a total of 40 min.
  • Ways in which your session will be interactive – how will you involve participants? (100 words maximum)
  • What should participants do in advance? (100 words maximum)
  • Details of planned collaboration beyond the conference. Planned activities, timeline and how you will ensure continued interaction. (200 words maximum)

Please submit your Detailed ECW Overview – deadline on 1 July, 2020.

Best Engaging Collaboration Workshop (ECW) Award

Full papers submitted by the deadline (1 July 2020) will be considered for the best ECW Award.

For more information, please contact info@ecsb.org