Engaging Collaboration Workshops (ECW) Proposals

Abstract submission system is closed and papers are under review.

Specific Guidelines

All ECW Proposals should address ‘Questions we care about’. A Best ECW Prize will be awarded for the best question.

These sessions are based on proposals for collaboration regarding a specific project with a set end goal. The project should be early stage, welcoming to the participants in the session and the collaboration should continue beyond the conference. Examples of such sessions could be a book project with a set theme that needs chapter authors, an idea of a learning activity that needs further development and testing at several universities, an early stage consortia for an EU application, or an idea for a train-the-trainer course that would benefit from additional input and instructors to become a successful initiative.

Proposals should not exceed two (2) single-spaced pages, and may not exceed the maximum limit of 500 words. The author(s) name and information should NOT appear anywhere on the proposal. If your name appears on more than 2 proposals, we will ask you to withdraw the additional proposal.

Proposals should include the following information:

  • importance of the topic for entrepreneurship education research and/or practice
  • questions, challenges and problems to be asked and addressed 
  • how you intend to engage the participants and how you intend to continue the collaboration beyond the conference

Proposals should be structured under the following headings (Maximum 500 words):

  1. Workshop Title
  2. Project Summary and Goal (200 words)
  3. Workshop Style (50 words)
  4. Expected Outcomes (50 words)
  5. Details of any related research (100 words)
  6. Planned collaboration beyond the conference (100 words)